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Labor And Delivery Specialist

Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA

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Labor and delivery can be one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences for you as a woman. At Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA, in Frisco, Texas, your medical professionals are experts in obstetric care for you and your baby. To learn more about how the team walks alongside you throughout your entire experience, call for a consultation or book an appointment online today.

Labor and Delivery Q & A

What are my labor and delivery options?

By the time you’re ready to deliver your baby, you should have your birthing plan in place. Although you determine the process you want, sometimes that can change. Your delivery options include having your child vaginally, naturally, or by Cesarean section (C-section).

As the medical team at Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA walks alongside you throughout your pregnancy, preparing you for all options, so you know what to expect.

Vaginal deliveries may or may not include medications to help ease your pain. However, if you choose a natural birth, you’re opting for little or no drugs during your labor process.

If your delivery requires a C-section, your medical team handles every aspect to keep you and your baby in good hands.

What can I expect during labor and delivery?

When your baby wants to enter the world, your body goes through three different phases. They include:

Stage 1

As you go into labor, you may or may not experience your water breaking. You then start to feel mild contractions and might see some brownish-colored discharge. Your contractions typically aren’t consistent, but they become more intense as you move into active labor.

Stage 2

Once your cervix has fully dilated, you’re ready to start pushing your baby out vaginally. 

As you push, your OBGYN might need to make a small cut to enlarge your vagina’s opening to make room for your baby to get through your birth canal and out of your body. Once you push your baby out, the umbilical cord gets cut.

Stage 3

After you birth your child, you also need to deliver your placenta that was attached to your baby. You might still feel contractions until your placenta fully gets pushed out of your birth canal. You may need a few stitches after your delivery, depending on whether you had an incision or tear.

Why would I need a Cesarean section during labor and delivery?

C-section deliveries usually occur in an emergency. However, that shouldn’t alarm you. Many choose a C-section as their birth option. Your medical team has to make professional decisions to ensure the safety of your baby and you. Here are some reasons you may need a C-section:

  • You’re birthing more than one baby
  • You have a breech baby that can’t turn
  • Your baby developed an infection from you during a vaginal birth
  • The placenta blocks your cervix

To learn more about what to expect during your labor and delivery experience, call Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology, PA, or schedule an appointment online today.